Our passion is in changing perceptions

At Goldborough Studio we try wherever possible to develop new ways of visualising communication. We believe that if you experience something really differently, you'll truly remember it.

Constant enquiry and experimentation form a large part of our creative process. It keeps us creativly fresh and helps us understand how the end user is going to interact and respond to what we create.

This explorative, often quirky, user centric approach has led Goldborough Studio to create a diverse range of innovative and ground breaking work across multiple disciplines. Both for our clients and for ourselves.

Full client list availble upon request.

Over 20 years experience

When you design as long we have you begin to see the difference between what is truly innovative and what is just visual noise.


William Morris-Julien - Creative Director

William has spent his working life designing creative solutions for new and emerging media. Over the last 20 years - He has been creative director for Ford across Europe, a consultant for Sony and Virgin on youth trends, creative director on the Motorola 'Hello Moto' campaign and for the past 10 years consultant creative director and designer for Greenpeace International.


Elizabeth Morris-Julien - Creative Director

Elizabeth has been a fashion designer and trend consultant for Next, BHS, Country Road. She has won numerous awards for fashion design and colour work. More recently she has taken her colour knowledge into the area of visual communication and illustration. Her visual stories and illustrations have been published both on and off line around the world.


Communication design

Our knowledge of communication design solutions is pretty much unparalleled. With the delivery of over 500 digital campaigns. Campaigns that span from the European role out of the Ford Focus in 16 languages to the creation of a global campaign for clean water in 24 countries. When it comes to understanding the internet, mobile platforms, social networking, emerging media & combining them with more traditional media we are there.

Our recent work has covered not only complex global interactive campaigns for Greenpeace International & mobile app development for the Intellectual Property Office but brand creation, strategy & packaging for small business start up's like Coedcanlas.

Services include Communication Strategy, Brand Consultancy, Responsive Website & Mobile App Design & Development, Social Network Campaigns & Emerging Media Applications.

Illustration & animation

No matter how technically complicated a piece of work will eventually become everything we create starts its life with a pencil. Drawing is key to everything we do - it is our heritage. It is like breathing. So it naturally follows that Illustration (either static or moving) is central to our work.

Our clients have said that it's our ability to create innovative image led campaigns that are beautifully visualised that keeps them coming back. Whether we are creating a huge transformer for a Greenpeace campaign; An animated film on water pollution or a set of intricate financial procedures for ING Bank nothing is too complex.

Services include Illustration - Vector & traditional, Scientific Illustration, Animation, Info graphics (Static and Animated), Storyboards, Scene Visualisation (for Film & Games) and Photoshop Manipulation For Photography & Film.

Game & character development

Since the birth of the phrase "Content is King" way back in 1995 we have been creating games for the online community. Some of our games have been nominated for Canne Lion awards, others have graced the web sites of broadcasters and movie studios like the BBC and Warner Brothers. Games and character design for the youth market has formed a large chunk of what we have done since we started designing.

In the last year we have developed games for iOS, Android, Windows phone, Xbox and Facebook. We are often called upon by other design agencies to help them develop new games & characters for their clients.

Services include Game Strategy & Logic, UI & UX, Character Design, Development For Mobile Platforms, Development For console & PC.

  • Set the design style and taught us a lot about game logic

    — Matt Pepper, Client Director, SAS London —
  • Their ability to understand what I need even before I do is uncanny

    — A Woods, Editor, Transcript —
  • Our new web site is SO much better than I ever imagined

    — F Duchene, CEO, Mer Du Nord —
  • 6000 + likes in less than 24 hours says it all

    — E Hill, Art Director, Greenpeace International —


Though we work globally and have a small satellite office in Central London. Our main creative studio is based in Pembrokeshire. It's where we do most of our work. It's our home.

If you would like to know more or if your interested in our design consultancy services please send us a message.