Sometimes it’s the smallest characters that make all the difference
Yami is a 3D action adventure game that has a stop-motion animation aesthetic.
Set a foreboding spirit world that gets darker and darker the deeper you go

Yami is a dark fairy tale where you play as a small boy who has to stop an ancient evil from consuming the world. Using your wits, stealth, cunning and puzzle solving abilities you must reach the heart of the hidden kingdom. By learning the spells, enchantments and curses you will help keep the magic that protects the realm in place. Along the way, you will encounter a myriad of spirits both good and bad, explore the remains of giant automatons and a long lost civilisation. Discovering as you play that even the smallest person can make a difference. Yami is a game full of fear, wonder, love, friendship and magic.

Single player

Audience rating : 12+/Teen (Mild Horror)

Platform : PC & Console

ETA : Q4 2020